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#The Corporation had a success at Metal-Expo 2015 event

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November 16 2015

VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation took part in the 21st International Industrial Exhibition Metal-Expo 2015 where the Company presented its products and technologies.

Company managers held over 40 meetings and negotiations with regular aircraft industry, engine-building and medical partners. Representatives of various companies visited VSMPO-AVISMA booth, among them are: JSC Russian Aircraft Corporation "MiG" (or RAC MiG), JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation (or USC), Sukhoi Civil Aircrafts, JSC United Engine Corporation (or UEC), JSC NTO Saturn, JSC Russian Helicopters, The Progress State Research and Production Space Center etc.

One of the metallurgical session events was devoted to promising trend in titanium productions, i.e. additive manufacturing. The following topics were discussed between VSMPO-AVISMA specialists and their Russian and foreign colleagues: methods of titanium-containing powders manufacture, specifics and issues of titanium application in additive manufacturing; they shared their experience in printing of 3D parts from titanium alloys.

– Metal-Expo, International Industrial Exhibition, is a good platform to summarize preliminary year’s results, – said Nikolay Chulanov, VSMPO Sales Director. – This year was hard in terms of economical environment, however VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation had fulfilled and is fulfilling its obligations toward the customers to the fullest extent. Slight decrease in orders from Russian customers is expected for the next year, but, in principle, we are confident about the future, we have long-term obligations which the Company is to fulfill.