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Information on the registrar - holder of the registered securities owners register

1.Full and abbreviated name as per the By-laws Joint-Stock Company Registrar association STATUS (AO STATUS)
2.Number of the License issued by the authorized Federal Executive Body No. 10-000-1-00304 dd. 12.03.2004. Validity date is unlimited
3.Title and name of the top manager Director General – Sviridov Aleksey V.
4.Legal address Russia, 109544, Moscow, Novogorozhskaya st., 32, 1
5.Details of the agreement concluded with the register holder Engagement agreement for keeping register of the owners of registered securities No. 48-11/5292 dd. February 11, 2011
6.Mailing address Russia, 109544, Moscow, Novogorozhskaya st., 32, 1
7.Site www.rostatus.ru

Information about the Issuer’s auditor

Full name of the company: Joint-Stock Company KPMG

Abbreviated name of the company: AO KPMG

Location: Russia, Moscow, Olimpiysky prospect, 18/1, 3035.

Tel., Fax: (495) 937-4477; (495) 937-4400.

Licence No. Е 003330 for audit activity issued on January 17, 2003 by RF Ministry of Finance for the period of 5 years was extended till January 17, 2013. Member of self-controlling auditors association – NP Audit Chamber of Russia — main recording registration number (ORNZ): 10301000804. Record date: 28.12.2009.


Organized equity markets, where VSMPO shares are in high demand:

1. Open Joint Stock Company Russian Trading System Stock Exchange :

— VSMO Classic Stock Market

— VSMOG T+0 Market JSC RTS

2. Closed joint stock company " Stock Exchange ММВБ" (www.micex.com). Code of the security, included into the quotation list «B» — VSMO.