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Welded tubes

Welded tubes

VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation produces and supplies tubes dia. 12,7 to 38,1 mm (0,47″ to 1,5″) with wall thickness of 0,4 to 1,65 mm (0,016″ to 0,065″) depending on the diameter, and length up to 25000 mm from Gr1, Gr2, and Gr12 titanium alloys for power engineering and chemical industry.

Welded tubes are manufactured from flat-rolled feedstock (skelp) on electric tube welding machines by automatic tungsten inert gas (argon) welding, with heat treatment in the mill line.

Finished welded tubes are subject to mechanical testing, geometry measurements, 100% ultrasonic and eddy current testing, pneumatic or hydrotesting; the tubes are packed in accordance with the requirements of customer specification.

The manufacturing process as well as inspection and testing equipment ensure manufacture of thin-wall welded tubes in accordance with ASTM B 338, ASME SB 338.

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